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    Joel Daniel Phillips, “I Am Another Yourself.”

    Coming up this weekend - Saturday, September 6th - at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, California is Joel Daniel Phillips’s (Supersonic’s Studio Visit of him preparing for this show) first solo show, “I Am Another Yourself.”  Joel walks the streets of San Francisco finding interesting characters, listening to their life stories; often becoming friends with them.  After getting to know his subjects he photographs them and creates intimate life size drawings of his new friends to help shine a light on the unrecognized and unidentified individuals that make up the colorful landscape of San Francisco.

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    Morning Views From the Tent

    Photographer Oleg Grigoryev captures the view from inside his tent each morning. Each image offers a unique glimpse of the Tajikistan landscape from the eyes of an adventurer traveling through the Fann Mountains.

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    This level of conflict of interest is massively unsurprising.

    This is horrifying. The worst of Chicago politics migrated south to St. Louis.

    Extremely. While we think of Chicago and New York as the most corrupt, we tend to forget our own local politics. This problem is wide spread in every city/county/state. 

    There is no way to escape it until we all become aware of this problem. And then when we are aware, we have to organize and attack the problem by its roots. 

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    Afro Punk 2014 ~ by elijahd0m • www.elijahd0m.com

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